Making Data Work for HHS

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wanted its staff to have more autonomy and independence to use data science to advance the institution. 

HHS identified a few key issues that challenged the organization:

  • Employees had an overwhelming amount of data to sort through and analyze.
  • They were increasingly spending a lot of valuable time sorting through text data and proposals.
  • They did not have cohesive communities around data sharing and problem-solving and wanted to change the culture of data in the Department.

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How Data Science Boot Camp Enabled Better Decision-Making, Insights, and Automation

HHS needed to increase data literacy across the organization so that employees at all levels of decision-making could harness the power of data to identify new insights, automate workflows, and increase the efficiency of the organization. In partnership with Data Society, the HHS launched an eight-week-long data science training program called the HHS CoLab.

What was the outcome of the training program? Download the complete case study by filling out the form.

About Data Society

Since its inception in 2014, Data Society has specialized in providing industry-tailored data science training and AI/ML solutions, enabling Fortune 500 and Government Agencies to learn data science, programming, data literacy, data analysis, visualization, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Their programs have saved organizations tens of millions of dollars by equipping employees with the skills needed to solve complex challenges, realize new opportunities, and take their careers to the next level. Data Society is an Inc. 5000 2021 winner. Forbes named Data Society a top TechEd Company to watch.


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